Hello and welcome to Natalie Branch Floral Design. Here you’ll find a selection of beautiful floral designs made with the latest modern, artificial blooms.

Modern artificial and silk flowers have come a long way from the tired and dusty, plastic posy you may be familiar with. The painstaking botanical accuracy and craftsmanship that goes into creating modern artificial flowers is such that they are often extremely difficult to distinguish from the real thing. The colour, detail and sheer range of varieties available to floral designers is breathtaking.

Artificial flower arrangements are an incredibly cost effective way to display flowers. Displays can be made to suit the season and using blooms that are in flower at the relevant time means that they look more natural. Fresh flowers are extremely sensitive to the warmth of their environment and rarely last more than a week. With artificial floral arrangements it doesn’t matter how warm the setting is, they will never wilt or die and remain in perfect condition. Artificial planted designs do not require watering or pruning, making them an attractive alternative to real flowers and plants.

I have a passion for these exciting creations. If you’d like to discuss a more personal, bespoke display please contact me.